Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free Swim

The benefit to summer is getting to swim for free. Hot weather and warm water allow me to use our local lake to swim Katie. She swims along the dock for treats.
I also take advantage of the stairs surrounding the lodge. It is good exercise for Katie to go up the stairs, but going down can be dangerous. We can go up several flights and then loop ourselves back down a hill to avoid going down the stairs.

Overall, Katie is doing well. I do worry about her coordination in her rear legs. I think she may be losing some strength in the left one. It always moves funny due to her injury, but I think the muscle looks a little smaller. Unfortunately, her issues with riding in the van keeps her exercise program somewhat limited. I do work her in the backyard, but it is not as much or as varied as it would be if she traveled with me.

Katie does not admit to being in any pain, but I wonder how sound she is. She carries her rear end to the left (stress on her back) and she twists the left foot with each step she takes (stressing the joints). Regardless, I do not plan to let up on her. She would be very unhappy without the work and I am not sure she could handle the slippery hardwood floors without continued strengthening. I wish I could swim her everyday.