Saturday, May 23, 2009

Talent Show

This year's Bring-Your-Greyhound-Meeting at the farm included a talent show. I thought it was kind of a funny venue to have a talent show since most people do not teach their greyhounds any tricks. We had 3 acts.... me, a people skit, and a singer.

So on Monday (5 days before the event), I started to teach Reagan and Riley a trick for the talent show. Both were terrible at jumping through a hoop. I thought that would be so easy, but it wasn't. I taught them to play dead instead.

I was also very excited to have Katie in tow because she is great at picking up objects and she had not had an opportunity to perform since Greyfest last October. Katie will pick up anything I ask for if she can. I figured if the two brats embarrass me at least Katie will be dependable. Well, Katie is dependable when she is not high on Valium! Needless to say, Katie did not participate.

Luckily, Reagan was able to fill in for Katie. It turns out that Reagan is also very good at picking up objects and she was able to hand me a shoe, a sock, a dog brush, and so on. At one point, I asked her to pick up a leash, but I don't think she could see it in the grass, so finally, exasperated, she fell over in a dramatic display of death. Wish I had that on video. She is a balding cutie!

Sorry no pictures, but I leave you with Riley and her rabbit impression. She is a cutie too!