Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reagan Training Update

Here is Reagan practicing agility.....

.... and some weave poles.

Reagan is getting weekly B-12 injections. If she does have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, the abundance of bacteria is zapping away nutrients such as vitamin B-12. The million dollar question... what is causing the bacterial overgrowth? There appears to be a lot of theories, but no concrete answers. The theory we are starting with is that Reagan's gut does not digest fat efficiently therefore undigested fat moves to the small intestine and provides a breeding ground for bacteria. When there is too much bacteria, the bacteria zaps away nutrients, irritates the intestines, and caused diarrhea.* Don't quote me on any of this. I could be misunderstanding something and misinforming you.*

There are a lot of opinions and suggestions out there. Its hard to know how to proceed. We are treating her with Metronidazole and in the meanwhile I am figuring out a low fat, high fiber raw diet. We are hoping that fiber will slow her gut down and giving time for the fat to digest. I've also read that soluble fiber will ferment and help retard the growth of harmful bacteria.

Reagan took her first B-12 injection like a champ (and so did I :-). The doc warned me that the injection burns. I am a medical procedure phobic myself, so I was not going to be comfortable giving injections that burn. I brought the big guns distraction.... chicken necks. Doc hands me the syringe and then distracts Reagan with a chicken neck. She amazes him with her ability to swallow them whole. In the same instance, I completed the injection and I don't think Reagan even noticed. She was happy to do a repeat performance and swallowed the second one as well.