Saturday, April 25, 2009


Riley's off leash control was also tested at the farm. Unlike Reagan, Riley is extremely impulsive. Although Riley is unlikely to be frightened by a loud noise, she has an extremely sensitive prey drive and does not hesitate to act on it. At one point, she even leaped in the air and grabbed a leaf hanging from a low tree branch.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE prey drive, but at some point I do prefer food drive to be the primary ruler. I am quite used to dealing with the visual stimulation around greyhounds, but paired with Riley's nose and you have a hunting machine on your hands.
Sunday started with a 30 minute walk around my sister's neighborhood. I figured I better walk the dogs while I can with the threat of rain on the way. When we arrived at the farm, I then played fetch with Riley until I felt a sufficient amount of energy had been drained.

Even after a 30 minute walk and a long fetch session, she eagerly demonstrated that her motto is act now and think later.

At one point we saw some crows 100 yards ahead and she took off like a shot. It is amazing to see how far a greyhound can get in such a short time. We then headed for a wooded area that must have had lots of animal smells because Riley went into frenzy hunting mode.
Riley came every time I called, but I am careful to only call when I am sure I will succeed or I can enforce it. There were several times when I'm sure all recalls would have fallen on deaf Riley ears.

Lots of work to do.