Sunday, March 29, 2009


Here is another doodle for training fronts. You click and treat when the dog is positioned straight in front of you. Ideally, you spit out treats, but in this clip I am feeding from my hand because it was something I did not want in my mouth. :-P You then pivot as if you are standing on a clock face. Starting at 12:00, you then pivot to 2:00 or to 10:00. You click and treat when the dog moves over (especially the rear end) and regains a straight front position.

I thought Reagan was especially cute at the end when she starts to wag her tail when it became clear to her what was right. I have had an unexpected consequence though. Reagan has since then started to think I was rewarding her for swinging her rear end back and forth, so she started to offer lots of back and forth moving. I am now rewarding her for moving into a still, straight, and front position and she is getting the idea.


BrittBeah said...

I love it when they translate what you are trying to teach into something totally different. It's like learning to speak french and you are trying to say your 'full' but comes out 'pregnant' (something I had trouble with in school). It just keeps you on your toes and keeps a smile on your face for their creativity.

Bronny said...

What a clever girl, so very sweet.
we have been following and are very impressed.

Jess said...

That was the cutest light bulb moment ever! We are still trying to work on Rainy catching lunchmeat that I spit out of my mouth... We are a little slow in this household. LOL

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Lunch meat sounds hard to spit. Doesn't it go in all directions?

I think thats the best thing about the clicker. You let them figure it out and they seem so pleased when they do. And even if you accidentally teach them something you did not want, no harm is done, and its easy to fix.

Thanks everyone.


Jess said...

I've been cutting it up in little cubes, then folding it in half to spit at her face. LOL It's the latest treat she *will* eat. I figure she will stop eating it any day now and I will have to figure something else out... She lets it bounce off her face then plays Easter egg hunt on the floor while trying not to get up. Lazy pup... I should take a video.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Jess, maybe your hound needs to miss a meal :-). I only feed once a day, so with Reagan I would feed & train one morning and then train & feed the next day in the evening. So she still ate everyday, but there was a big 36 hour gap. It worked well in her less than motivated phase. Now she is VERY FOOD MOTIVATED.