Monday, February 2, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

Wow, what a beautiful weekend and my camera was in a good mood (I probably just lucked out with correct settings)! Great weather for taking some action pictures. Above - My sister, Denise, riding her horse, Lester, with her greyhound, Peanut, not far behind.

The hounds and I traveled down to Newnan Georgia to visit with my sister, eat pizza, watch movies, and enjoy 60 safely fenced acres. Above - Reagan pouncing on a toy. Below - Katie says throw it again!
So I did!

The farm has one 12 acre section fenced. It provides an excellent opportunity to practice, proof, and reinforce recalls. Everyone did great this weekend.

Although, Riley continues to show her independent side and thinks nothing of going off on her own. She was better at checking in with me though. It is interesting to observe their tendencies in a huge, safe enclosure without the fear of losing one.

Reagan, especially, loves to run around and thoroughly enjoys the freedom, but she is very good with checking in. Even when she is led astray by Riley and takes off after her, Reagan quickly returns to check in with me.

I'm starting to notice that Riley can be a bully. Several times, I noticed her running Reagan down and about to chomp on an ear. So she wears a muzzle if she is running with others now. Below - Reagan looks about ready to mule kick Riley. :-)

We can't wait to do it again!