Friday, January 16, 2009

Training Update

Just a couple of videos of Reagan training.

I have movie editing software now. Right now, I only know how to piece short clips together.

This clip shows a super nice jump sequence. Reminds me a little of Travis :-). For those that think I am a "meanie", notice that I bend down and pet her before we start. I probably also said something nice to her as well. So there is some love for you. Also shows a short clip of Reagan on the new weave poles. I am switching her back to the weave-o-matic style. I think that works best for big dogs.

This is Reagan working on lead outs. Its nice to be able to put your dog in a stay at the beginning of an agility course, so you can get a head start. Since her sit stays are very important for obedience, I do not want to use them for agility yet. This is why I have her doing stand stays instead. I am careful to not always call her out of a stay. I return and reward her frequently. I also want her to release only to the word "done". I want to be able to move around, wave my arms, and talk if I want to.

A little more heeling and some sit stay work. Her sit stays have not been very good until suddenly. Reagan would melt and want to lie down. She did really well in this clip.