Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mean Mama

Sometimes Trouble 1 and Trouble 2 (Reagan and Riley) are obnoxious especially in the afternoons when I am working at home. They begin to anticipate that we will be heading out for a training session soon. They start to jump up at the sound of every computer beep, drawer close, and ankle crack (cause if Mom's ankles crack, she must be about to stand up). It becomes very distracting.

Today, the temperatures were extremely comfortable outside, so I opted to load the girls into the van a little early......... ok 2 hours early. The van serves as a 2nd home considering all of the time the greyhounds spend traveling to and from the places we go. They are quite comfortable crated in the van and are happy as can be knowing they cannot be left behind.

.... time elapsed 2 hours.... "Oh, hey troublemak.... I mean girls. Katie and I just had to get our things."

However, don't let Katie play innocent. She and Travis did plenty of hypersensitive anticipation of their own. They spent their fair share of hours in the van while Mommy got a break. Katie is just more civilized now and knows that maintaining a down position is the best way to earn stuff.