Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Clean X-rays

Riley's x-rays were clean. Her hips are perfect and the knees looked good as well.

Hip x-rays are fairly complicated to do. The dog has to be positioned just right and on their back. My vet was nice enough to allow me to stay with Riley through the process and take pictures.

First, Riley was sedated. Once she had fallen asleep and her muscles had relaxed, she was placed on the x-ray table and into a plastic cradle.

Next, gallon jugs were placed along Riley's waist and hips to further hold her in the correct position. And her hind legs are tied together.

Not the most flattering pose.

Riley is in la la land.

Since Riley was sedated, it was the perfect time to have a microchip indentification inserted. I am a needle freak so I prefer that my greyhounds not be awake for the procedure. I have a hard time giving the greyhounds good vibes and warm fuzzies about needles the size of toothpicks.

And the clean x-rays. The D ring you see above the pelvis is part of the leash that was tied around her thighs to keep her legs together. The white balloon objects on each side are the jugs of water.