Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Really Happened

Riley here. The truth is that Stacker sticks his nose where it does not belong. Peanut and I were having a fun time when "Big Brother" jumped in and tried to put a stop to it.

What Stacker didn't tell you is that he likes to put his teeth on others..... hence the muzzle he was wearing. Although I have not been around long enough to witness it myself, Katie told me that Stacker is the only greyhound in the family (with one exception) to leave teeth marks on other family members.

Katie said that a couple of years ago, she was resting in the living room next to Stacker. Mom was dealing with some babysitter dogs that had gotten into a squabble in the backyard. Stacker heard the commotion and being the tough guy he thinks he is, grabbed her by the back of the neck leaving punctures.

I believe that Julie has also suffered the mark of Stacker, but she and Stacker have a strange relationship, so she is not sharing the details. It is sad when someone cannot break away from an abusive relationship.

Another time, Stacker tried to take a shot at Travis, but Travis taught him a lesson and ripped him a new one. Travis was always a gentleman with the other greyhounds, but stood up to the bully when duty called. Stacker quickly cried "Uncle" and now bears a few scars on his face from the incident.

If Stacker had just been smart enough to keep quiet and accept Peanut's apology, I wouldn't have to drag his name through the mud. I think history shows that Stacker is actually the greyhound with an aggression problem. The truth is.... Stacker was trying to attack me and I have my cousin, Peanut, to thank for running him over. Thanks Peanut!