Sunday, September 21, 2008

What to Call the Beast

OK, so if I keep this brindle beast, I need a name. I still want to test her for storm phobia, but I need her to settle down a little. Its hard to judge her reaction when she's busy checking out the room and panting, so I'll wait till a little while longer. I also need to make sure she can handle work days. I have never had a healthy greyhound or guest that couldn't handle a 10-hour day, but it is always good to make sure before subjecting the dog to a lifetime of the long day schedule.

I like some of the suggestions I have heard so far, but none really seem to fit her. I'm hoping eventually one just jumps out at me, but if not, I will force one on her. Again, she is a wild tomboy. Horrible manners. She has pretty markings, but she's not really that pretty in any sort of feminine way. She sometimes makes snorting pig noises :-). 1 or 2 syllables is preferred. I have to admit that I did like the name Palin, but it sounds too much like Reagan and one political dog at a time is probably enough. Sarah sounds too sweet. I like the thought of a boy's name that is sometimes used as a girl's name. But I also like to be funny or descriptive if it fits. It does not have to be a typical human name. She is a trouble maker and full of mischief. Reagan is so petite and feminine.... Bob's Tilly is just the opposite. Bob's Tilly would drink beer and drive a truck.