Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Texas Bovine

Holy Cow Dog! What is that? This is 3 year old, Greys Robin Hood from Jefferson County Kennel Club Track. He would be a fun one to name. I'd love to name him Bovine and call him Bo, but that goes against not wanting to rhyme with "No". Texas was another one because one of his white spots looks like a Texas Longhorn. The possibilities are endless.

No, I am NOT going to keep him. He is a high prey drive misfit somewhat like Travis, but he is far too large for me. He can just about carry me away. I haven't decided what is too big. While height can get in the way of of Agility, I think overall balance is most crucial. Unfortunately, this guy has a really long back. He barely fits in our 48" long crate. Some length gives the dog flexiblity, but too much makes it hard for them to collect and use their rearends to clear jumps, make tight turns, and adjust for tricky situations.

So Robin is here at our house for 1 month of boot camp. He leaves the first Saturday in October (Pam, make sure that is on your calendar :-). Hopefully, I can make some progress, expose him to the outside world, and do some obedience training. Sometimes I think on a dog like this, its best not to "fix" their bad habits too much before adoption. The right person who can manage his prey drive needs to adopt him. I think its best if that person does see the worst of it, so they do not get complacent and they know right off the bat what they are getting into. But maybe I can tone it down a little. I think his best bet is to head for a Texas adoption group. Someone would get a kick out of that longhorn on his back.