Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'm starting to feel really tortured by this roller coaster. I can accept whatever comes, but please stop teasing me. The weight loss was a downer, my vet's exam comments were an upper, skipping a meal was a downer, eating good again and overall seemed to have more energy and personality last night was an upper, and then this morning he vomitted breakfast. The last time this happened, it was the day he went for his ultra sound and he was supposedly jaundice. So needless to day I am starting to fear the worst. Supposedly, the bilirubin in the blood causes one to feel sick to his stomach and its what turns the skin yellow. This happened on Stephen's watch so I haven't looked at his color yet, so maybe I am just assuming the worst. If this is what is happening again, I won't put him back on fluids. It took too much time from him (3 days in the hospital) to buy about a week with us and it wasn't exactly a fun week for any of us. Sitting home all day isn't what Travis is about. And to add more insult to injury, I think I have an infection on my eyelid and I just don't have myself together enough to sit with my thoughts in a waiting room. I am barely functioning at work. So this is my complaint for the day.