Sunday, July 6, 2008

So Far So Good

No bed wetting last night. I still got up at 2 AM to let him out. Doing that has me so tired. I don't know how people trained by their dogs to do this every night can make it through the day without a nap. Maybe you get used to it.

Travis has gained a little weight. He was 63.5 lbs this morning.

I have been reviewing everything over and over again in my head and came to a couple of conclusions. Normal bilirubin should be well below 1. Travis initially tested 1.2 along with other elevated liver enzymes. Less than a week later, vet #2 says it has increased to 5.6 which prompts her to examine him again and declare that he is jaundice. To be honest, I couldn't see the yellow myself, but then I don't always have a good eye or feel for the medical issues, so I took what she said at face value. He then received fluids for the rest of the day and again the next morning before seeing vet #4. Vet #4 and her vet tech didn't see any jaundice. "Good", I'm thinking the fluids are working. The next day vet #5 looks at him and repeats blood work that indicates a normal bilirubin and says that clinically he looks fine. He mentioned that sometimes during the lab process, blood cells are broken open causing a false, excessively high bilirubin level. Vet #5 thought that may have occurred with vet #2's blood work. So I am starting to think that maybe he was not exactly knocking on death's door like I was lead to believe by vet #2. I am not denying that he is sick or that we are out of the woods yet. We could still be dealing with something serious like cancer. But maybe his blood work isn't really that bad. Still holding out hope that I'm being put through the ringer for no reason.

This morning I took everyone to a friend's house who has a nice, flat fenced in front yard. Travis got to play for a minute or 2.


Sientay L said...

Glad to see Travis having fun and gaining weight again. I do hope those bloodwork numbers were just a fluke, and Travis just has a bad bacterial infection. I don't think I can tell if a dog is jaundiced, especially Travis's coloring.

KF-in-Georgia said...

I used to have trouble getting back to sleep if one of the dogs woke me up, whether it was needing to pee or some other problem. (Vomiting. Or screaming in pain from a muscle cramp. That's a fun 2am wake-up call.) Or Sam in the winter, doing his "cover me back up, mom" pawing routine when he slipped out from under the electric blanket. (Spoiled, much?)

These days, I go right back to sleep without a problem. I used to wake up every time a dog got up onto or down off the bed. These days, a critter wanting my attention has to get pretty noisy. I think I've gotten this good at falling back to sleep because I've had so many interrupted nights. My body has learned to cope.

I even can take a 20-minute snooze at lunch time at work and wake up sane and reasonably alert. And last week I napped on hard concrete with the dogs when we were visiting my parents. (The dogs had fleece throws to sleep on. I didn't, but the concrete was nice and cool.)

I'm not sure I'm helping. This easy-back-to-sleep is probably a skill you didn't want to develop.

Glad it might be a vet scaring the hell out of you. Better a vet scaring you than Travis doing it. I was hoping for a "miracle cure," but I'll settle for "vet screwing up," even if that means everyone did a bunch of crying for nothing. ;)

They don't come better than a Quarter Horse! said...

i have never seen a greyhound scamper like that--its so cute!!

Maria said...

Travis is welcome ANYTIME to play in our big back yard. He looks wonderful. You have been on the tightrope....trying to balance your intuition and knowledge with "expert advice". That, in and of itself, is enough to knock you unconscious...without a 2 am potty call!

I laughed when I read Sientay's comment about the jaundice and Travis' coloring. And I'm glad to have a giggle on this blog! Go Travis!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

He looks so happy and healthy in the video!

Wow, I can't believe what you've been through with all the vets and diagnoses and such, you're so smart to stick to your guns and not test for everything under the sun!

brittbeah said...

I am so happy I am not the only person in this world that seeks out several oppinions on my pups. I work at a vet's office so it is a little cheeper on my part.
Glad your sweet boy is doing well.