Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Waiting

The bile acid test results are normal. Negative test result for Ehrlichiosis. Probably won't hear about Leptospirosis test result until Monday. Ultra sound machine is broken at the hospital I made today's appointment at.... so scratch that. Tomorrow I will take him to Alpharetta Animal Hospital mid morning for an ultra sound. No change in his symptoms....... thirsty, muscle wasting, tires easily, bad breath (I just noticed this yesterday), and high respiratory rate. For those who like to look at bloodwork.

Urea Nitrogen - 27 slightly high

Albumin - 2.6 slightly low

Total Bilirubin - 1.2 very high

Alkaline Phosphatase - 462 very high

ALT (SGPT) - 259 very high

Lymphocytes - 540 low

Urinalysis was all normal. His bloodwork in October 2007 was all perfectly normal.

Let me know if you have any possibilities I should seek out.