Thursday, July 3, 2008

Comfort Food

Stephen and I just finished a Papa Johns pizza and a romantic comedy. Good distraction for the occasion. I took Travis in for fluids this morning and decided to try reviewing the case with a specialist. I was referred to Georgia Veterinary Specialists. Unfortunately, the next open appointment is next week, so the only way to get in the back door today was to go in as an emergency. It was quite exhausting. We sat in the waiting room forever and we sat in the exam room forever. I think I have determined that if I am not willing to put my dog through every possible test available and refinance my house to pay for it all that its probably not the hospital for me. They simply wouldn't listen to me. The estimate was ridiculous and padded with so many additional charges. My credit card was actually maxed out..... luckily I had another. Don't worry. For those offering to loan me money, thank you, but its not necessary. I too have excellent credit :-). I just think there is a point when all of the medical tests are about satisfying a human need to have an answer and to not feel guilty and less about the dog. I am ok with not knowing. If we get lucky and its an infection or a tick disease that responds to the antibiotics, then wonderful. Vet #4 said that if by some miracle the drugs did make him better, without all of the medical tests we would have no way of knowing which drug cured him. You know what? "I don't care."

Travis appears to have responded well to the fluids. He still LOVES to eat. He's perky and he looks good. He does not appear to be jaundice today. He is staying at the Georgia Veterinary Specialists ER tonight and part of tomorrow for fluids. Tomorrow I will have the catheter taken out and I will take him home. We are done with vets except for checking his bloodwork as needed. I have done some research on liver friendly diets. Eggs and cottage cheese will be on the menu. HE IS ON MILK THISTLE and other herbal support! Thank you to everyone who suggested milk thistle. And most importantly, Travis and I will play. We will do whatever he wants to. If anyone can pull off a miracle, Travis can. Everything he does is Never Expected. And if he doesn't, that's ok too. Travis has had an amazing life and I'm lucky to be apart of it.

Thanks for all the nice comments and emails.

Time for Ben & Jerry's ice cream.....


Kathy said...

Jen-Hang in there. As you said if any dog can pull off a recovery, it's Travis. I don't blame you for your frustration with all the vets and tests. You're doing the best you can about all this and I would hope the vets and specialists would listen to you.

KF-in-Georgia said...

Jen, I think you're doing the right thing by not running a lot of tests. You're giving him the best things for liver problems, and finding out where the problem came from is much less important than fighting the problem. Even if (unlikely) he'd gotten into something toxic, knowing that wouldn't be useful; the only useful thing would be knowing the "cure" that would restore full liver function. And all the tests would wear down you and your credit card and, most important, Travis himself.

Know that I'm thinking of you guys quite often, and I'm pulling for the "miracle." I'm glad Travis is better after the fluids. You guys all take care of yourselves.

IHateToast said...

every crossable part of my body is crossed.
he seems to be a fighter.

greytblackdog said...

i hate vets (and any doctor) who won't listen to their patients. just because they went to extra school doesn't mean they know everything. it just means they are good at making educated guesses. it makes me so mad when they see there is only one way to find a solution - tests, tests, tests. who cares what the answer is if the result is good. ugh.

kev and i are both thinking of you and stephen and we're keeping our fingers and toes crossed.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

More Jingles for Travis! here's hoping for a miracle! Hang in there Travis!

saramurphy100 said...

We also had the healthy happy dog, boom out of no where, this happened. His most frail companion, who the Vet expected to leave us three years ago is still with us, today at 15!!!!
It's all a big guess! Our Vet was up front, she told us Murphy, at(14)could go to the university and do blah blah blah test and if they find the other things that could be causing this, he was going to die anyway. The long shot of the whole situation was the antibiotics and steriods.
You have a better age in your favor too.
Best of luck,
Enjoy your sweet boy,

Sientay L said...

Here's to wishing for another 'never expected' event---a fully recovery miracle. I'm glad Travis is still perky and eating good.
Lots of love from everyone here!