Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Swimming Lessons

We took the greyhounds to the lake yesterday to swim. So far, Reagan does not show the natural swimming ability that Travis does. Or maybe she is just a little more grounded than he is. I remember when I was starting to throw the bumper in the lake just far enough to see if Travis would swim. He would sometimes go under water and he swam very awkwardly. Not much has changed, but at least now I know he can old his breath and he will surface soon. Occasionally there would be a tense moment for the humans on the shore, but Travis was never scared or deterred. He was always game. Reagan seems to prefer the feel of land under her feet.

Katie has always enjoyed cooling off in the water, but doesn't have any desire to swim for a toy. However, Katie would sell her soul for a cookie and she would swim to the far side of the world for one too. I like to swim her along the side the dock..... feeding her treats, of course. I thought that Reagan might follow suit with Katie leading the way, but she was not willing to go any deeper than chest level. That's ok, I have another idea to try. She doesn't have to be a dock jumper like Travis, but I would love for her to swim along the dock like Katie does.