Sunday, June 15, 2008

Crazy Biotch!

Reagan learned a valuable lesson today........... I am the current and forever reigning alpha biotch in this house. I was cleaning house and heard some bickering coming from the other end of the house. At first I thought it was Travis scolding Reagan.... which I'm ok with since he only dishes it out when it is deserved, but bark/growls continued. When I checked on the commotion, it was obvious that Reagan who was laying on the dog bed in our bedroom closet did not want Travis laying on the other dog bed in the bedroom. "Oh no, you did not just talk to an elder that way!" She didn't appreciate my verbal assault and proceeded to tell me so. "Oh no, you did not just talk to the alpha biotch that way!" This resulted in losing the bed out from under her and she found herself laying on a hardwood floor and then I chased her out of the bedroom. She's definitely a bit spicy. :-) Attitude I wanted, attitude I got.

On a more complimentary note, she's really doing well with agility training. I've started her on weave poles, she's jumping great, she is starting to get the idea that we might do 2 - 4 jumps in a row instead of just one, and the teeter is coming along fine. She willingly sits and downs on the agility table. I am having a blast with her. She has learned to back up with some pressure on her leash. She is fetching great. Recalls are good. All in all, things are going well.