Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reagan's First Perry

Reagan completed her first of hopefully many pilgrimages to Perry, GA. In the future, I hope that she will be a participant in the obedience and/or agility competitions, but for now she had to settle for being a competitor in training, shopping buddy, and cheerleader for Travis. She did get some new smelly fish treats, 2 bully sticks, and a new pink collar. I don't usually do pink, but she is the baby girl, so I made an exception.

Reagan handled most everything like a champ. She was comfortable and attentive to me down by the agility rings and surrounded by strange dogs and people. At one point an Australian shephard tried to jump through the ring gating and brought down an entire section that literally landed a foot from Reagan. To my relief, Reagan could have cared less. A fear of ring gating could put a big delay on the success of an agility and/or obedience career. More and more, Reagan ignored the barking dogs that try to launch an attack from inside their crates as you pass them in the halls. On Sunday, it was particularly windy and the vendor signs, merchandise, and canvas walls were flapping with fury. She handled that very well and we hurried on out of there before something bad could happen to scar an impressionable mind. She was a good girl at the campsite. A crate contained her quite nicely. She still thinks she should have the freedoms that the mature Bachelor hounds enjoy, but she has a lot of a crating hours to go before she earns those priviledges. I try to explain to her that the other hounds have long since put in their hours, are compliant, willingly crate, and do so without complaint......... but she continues to argue her losing point. She minded her P's and Poo's. On Friday, she pottied at about 5:30 PM and then did not go again until about 12 hours later the next morning. To her credit, she held it until the morning potty walk. After that, she was quick to take care of her business each time.

Saving the best for last, Reagan's big weekend brag is that she took after her brother, Travis, in the lake. We put her on a 15 foot long line and just was going crazy watching Travis swim out and retrieve his bumper. Reagan jumped and splashed in the water. She tried to swim out after him. We then gave her the opportunity to retrieve the bumper from the shallows and she did several times. It was very cute.