Friday, April 4, 2008

The Good Twin

I would be remiss to not mention that I have actually been thrilled with Reagan this week and wanted to brag before her evil twin came back.

Having Reagan work for meals and food stuffed toys has greatly increased her drive and motivation for both this week. She is retrieving toys and touching targets much quicker than prior. Overall, she is much eager to work.

Secondly, I have been wanting Reagan to make eye contact with me when she wants something such as throw the toy, open the door, and so on. I want her to know that I control these things and for her to ask for them by looking at me. She is figuring that out. She is also arguing less and less about the crate and I require her to lie down while I open the crate door and has to wait for me to invite her out. She is catching onto this as well.

Also, she has been very good about putting stuffy toys in my hand when she retrieves, but when we work with the dumbbell, it has been limited to her just putting her mouth on the bar while I was holding it. Well, suddenly the toy work has transferred over to the dumbbell and Reagan is now picking up the dumbbell and holding it long enough for me to take it from her. This progression was very seamless. Katie, who can retrieve anything she can put in her mouth, had a hard time learning the concept of holding the dumbbell. She wanted to pick it up and drop it immediately. I had to eventually hold her mouth or put my hand under her chin for her to learn to hold it, so I am very pleased that Reagan progressed through that step so quickly without my help.

Lastly, I have started Reagan over low jumps and finally this week she seems more interested in doing that.