Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crone's Blazing Sunshine

Well, Kathy got her new greyhound puppy home. What a cutie! Good color too! :-) I will let her tell you about Blaze, the future agility greyhound super star.

Kathy's email:

I picked him up last night from CCGA (Crone’s Creatures Greyhound Adoptions) Director, Kay Compton’s house last night in Ocala , Florida . He seemed to warm up to me right away and is incredibly friendly for an 11 week old pup—I haven’t seen much in the way of him being scared per se which makes me very happy. He and I spent the night at LaQuinta in Ocala . I put his crate on the bed next to me. He was NOT happy about staying in the crate and whined and cried. I talked and sang to him to get him to go to sleep. Although LaQuinta hotels are very pet friendly—they do have you to sign a waiver saying that your pet will not destroy their place or disturb the other guests.

He would fall asleep—then me being a light sleeper, I’d hear him fidget and move around. So I would get up and take him outside to potty. He was actually very good about that. When he would do his business outside, I would praise him—which he really seems to like. We’d go back to the room and I would crate him. Then the crying and whining would start again until I talked/sang him to sleep. We did this like 4 or 5 times throughout last night. At home, it’ll be better because he can cry and whine and I won’t have to worry about being thrown out –unless my husband gets fed up ;)

Anyway, he also does NOT seem to be noise sensitive. At 8am this morning, the fire alarm system had a glitch and went off. It was incredibly loud. After checking the hallway to make sure there really was no fire, we waited out the couple of minutes it took them to turn it off. I was very happy to see he didn’t seem the slightest bit fazed. He cocked his head and looked at me but that was about it.

We drove back home today and just got home a little bit ago. We did the introductions to Vegas & Rio. I knew Vegas would be fine. I was a little worried about Rio because she does NOT like puppies since they get right on her face (which is what she does to other dogs—she can dish it out but can’t take it). Rio actually did better than I expected. She did and continues to do some snarling when he gets in her face. And she did NOT like it when he tried to take her stick. The 3 of them played together. He was egging them on and got rolled and stepped on at one point. He was more subdued in playing with them after that for a bit. Then later was running and wanting to play full throttle with them again.

Here’s his link on Greyhound Data: