Sunday, March 2, 2008


Reagan has gone from Munchkin to Brat. The honeymoon is over, I think :-). She is having to learn to be patient and to wait........... something that racing greyhounds have lots of experience doing. Think about it, racing greyhounds spend 20 hours a day in a crate and no one responds to any crying about it. The racing greyhounds learn to handle the boredom by sleeping it off. Reagan cries when she is frustrated and not getting her way. Now that she has tasted freedom and fun, she wants to be doing what she wants all day. I am doing lots of putting her in her crate and taking her out when she is quiet and settled. In the last day or 2, that can take quite awhile. I also want her to learn that I am the source of all the fun stuff. I have all the food and toys. I have put the house toys away because I don't want her to play by herself anymore.... I want her to play with me. Katie and Travis have me incrediably spoiled. They are so high drive. They can work at something for a very long time. They always want to play with toys. I always end the game simply because I think they'd just keep fetching a toy until death. With Reagan, I have to get better at leaving her wanting more. I'm in the habit of training/playing for too long. With her, I literally need to play or work with her for just a minute or 2 and stop it before she is ready to stop.