Saturday, February 9, 2008


I am naming the "I" dog Reagan aka Never Swing Left. Yes, I am feeling a little political these days with the elections in full swing. People either love the name or.... no comment. :-)

The farm owner is doing a haul for Pam on Friday the 15th, so he will bring Reagan and Jessie to Pam. Then Stephen and I will be driving to Pam's house in Cairo, GA on Sunday the 17th to pick up Reagan and Jessie. Through passing the word around, I was able to find a home for one of the puppies in Cleveland, TN. Her adopters will pick her up when we arrive home.

Today, I cleaned and organized the house so I won't feel as compelled to when Reagan arrives. I've decided on which crate, found and washed an old collar to use until I purchase one, and have shopped for turkey necks (the first step to switching to feeding chicken backs). I also brought work home. I want to lighten my employee duties as much as possible for the first week or 2, so I am putting in some extra hours now.

I have no idea what to expect.... how long will it take to learn leash walking? If she does not even leash walk, how much harder is it to teach stairs? Luckily, we don't have very many and can avoid all except for 2 steps for the most part. My dogs all wear muzzles in the yard and Reagan will be no exception. How long does it take to get used to wearing a muzzle? How will she take to crating? Will she adjust to our 10 hour work schedule quickly? What about housetraining? With no crate or indoor experience, she doesn't really have any concept of "holding it". When she has to go, I'm sure she just goes. It all should be interesting. My understanding of moving into the racing kennels is pretty much "here's your crate" and "get used to wearing the muzzle". They don't baby them, so I think I will just give myself extra time and not baby her either.

So I'm eager and looking forward to it, but I'm glad I had this week to catch up on life in general.