Saturday, February 23, 2008

Decorating for Puppies

We have made some decorating changes to our home. We have added blue runners to strategic stopping and turning areas to reduce slipping.

And we have added decorative counter surfing booby traps. This one comes complete with a smelly bait bag attached to an empty diet coke can. So far I can't get anyone to take the bait. There is a Pupperoni sticking out of it, but I haven't been able to entice anyone yet.

I taught two greyhound obedience classes today. We got to the training building an hour early to do some training ourselves. Reagan was awesome. I was not sure whether or not to have her in the building. I did not want her to make a lot of noise. She was great. She quietly cried a little, but I think she slept in her crate during both classes most of the time. She also worked really well. She is luring into a down position and maintaining it for a period of time. She is making some good eye contact with me. She understands touching the cup, but she is not very intense about it. I do have to remind myself that she is only 10 months old. There is no rush. Katie and Travis were well over 2 and 3 years, respectively, when I adopted them. I think right now, it is important that nothing bad happens. Everything should be fun. I want to encourage her to be high drive, condident, and fearless. Noises, people, dogs, and everything in the enviroment are all good.
My biggest problem has been loading Reagan in the van. She is very resistant about it. Yesterday she loved peanut butter and eventually was convinced to get in the van. Today she had no interest in peanut butter. It was very strange. When it was time to go home, I used Tyson roasted chicken to get her to move towards the van, put her front feet in, and so on. Finally she got in, I gave her some chicken and had her get out again. We repeated this several times. Each time she got better and better and was easily hopping into her crate in the van after several repetitions. I think I will continue this protocal for awhile. The most important things is to give myself plenty of time. You just can't be in a hurry. You've got to take your time.
Lastly, I am happy to report that Reagan is now flea-free. The sticktight fleas have fallen off. I am not going to give her the final dose of Capstar and I do not plan to bath her again. I am sure she is happy to report that she is much less itchy now.