Friday, January 4, 2008

Katie Can't Catch a Break

Well, Katie hurt herself a couple of days ago, but I can't quite pinpoint it. She was doing some wheelies in the backyard which I try to prevent, but right when I looked up she yelped and then walked off dejected looking. She seemed fine after that so I did not give it much thought. She had a wet spot on her butt, so it was obvious she had slipped and hit the ground.

Later that day, we took the dogs for a little hike and not thinking I took Katie. Well, she was dragging terribly and she is not one to fall behind. We cut it short and headed for home. That night she yelped a couple of times when she changed positions. And then she scared me the next morning when she was exactly the way I had left her. I had tucked her in and she was still neatly covered with the blanket and lying on the same side. Normally, she jumps up when I turn the light on in the morning, but she didn't move a muscle. I was really concerned, but when it came time to feed, she jumped right up like she was perfectly fine. Food heals all Katie pains. We have been taking it easy since then. I'm hoping that it is nothing serious, but its hard to tell because she hides her problems well.

All in all, I just really miss her. This getting old stuff sucks. Having a neurological problem sucks too. I just really miss getting out there and working with her in obedience and shooting for a goal. I miss getting to show her. Even if we didn't qualify, she was such a joy to show and she seemed to enjoy it as well. I just could not have asked for a better greyhound obedience partner. It was such a pleasure to be her partner and I am very thankful. I still get lots of premiums for obedience trials and I catch myself about to check my calendar and then I realize that it doesn't matter, we can't participate anymore. When Katie turned 9 (and Travis too), I was really good about being thankful for every training day and for every show (still am with Travis). I would say that I miss them already when I thought about the eventual end and was so glad they were still here, healthy, and sound. My biggest fear is for them to develop a chronic injury that forces them to stay home when they still have busy minds housed in a body that can't respond. Its somewhat like that for Katie. It could have been so much worse as well, so I am thankful for what we got back. Hopefully Katie's recent problem will be ok in a few more days. That is my complaint for today.