Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Think good thoughts for Rory. Rory is an agility greyhound in Indiana. He is 10 years old. I've met Rory and his mom, Sharon Smith, twice at TN agility trials and we have corresponded for several years via email. He started to slow down and to not be himself in agility a few months ago. The vet found some back troubles and had her rest Rory for 4-6 weeks. Recently, he got worse. She had a myelogram done today and they found all sorts of things - "He has multiple ruptured discs in his neck but none show severe compression on the spinal cord or inflammation. He is missing a bone in the front of his neck (hyoid) on one side which is most likely been missing since birth but there is a small possibility that it has been destroyed. Also his back disc has area consistent with something called diskospondylitis which may be infectious. " Basically, they aren't sure which issue is causing his problem. It makes Katie's spinal stroke sound so easy. I hope he can recover as well as Katie has. He is in good shape like she is.