Sunday, October 28, 2007


Travis redeemed himself, so I'm going to keep fostering him for a few more weeks. Just kidding, I have adopted him. He double qualified on Saturday in agility. Double qualifying or double Q means you ran clean in both the standard class (has all of the climbing obstacles) and the jumper class (no climbing obstacles) in the same day. You need 20 double Qs to earn a Master Agility Championship. Travis and Katie are the only 2 MACH greyhounds and Travis is working on being the first greyhound to earn a MACH 2. Right now he has 8 double Qs towards his MACH2. He also needs 750 speed points, but Travis is a speed machine and has tons of points. He just crossed another milestone by earning 2,000 speed points. Katie is still the #2 lifetime achievement greyhound with 1,200 points................. both are far ahead of the third place greyhound who has less than 200 points.