Friday, October 19, 2007

One Mile at a Time

Katie walked a mile today. That probably sounds like a lot, but it was pretty mild and short for Katie's standards. She did great! On flat ground, I walked her without the towel around her waist. I had to catch her a couple of times and I kept her on grass as much as possible to lessen the rubbing as she drags her toes. She definitely has an awkward, funny gait, but she is coming along. I had her do some circles, figure 8's, a couple of steps, and 2 hills. She was a happy girl to be out.
Travis was such a doll and stayed very low key. Most of the time he trailed us and stayed out of the way. Maybe the sedatives from yesterday's surgery are still in effect :-), but he was very sweet.
Here is a fairly boring picture, but it is a big deal because Katie has so desperately wanted to lie down on her left side for several days now, but the left hind leg does not cooperate when it comes to lowering herself. I watched her circle over and over again trying to get it right. I finally offered some help which she finally accepted and she enjoyed her first left-sided nap since Thursday.
Swimming tomorrow!!!