Sunday, October 7, 2007

Greyfest Weekend

We completed our annual demonstration of obedience and agility today. I think we did an especially good job this year. Stephen announced for me and bragged about Katie and Travis. And then I actually took the time to explain to the audience what Katie was doing during obedience exercises.

How does Travis know which way to go when I'm pointing in 2 different directions -------------->

We also got to meet Cindy the world record high jumper. I can't believe how high the jumps are and that wasn't even her record height. She's also very cute in agility. She has some issues with getting on the table obstacle so it has stunted her agility career some. Hopefully, they will get it worked out and she will be out there again. Overall, Greyfest was a lot of fun and a big success!

Then on Sunday, I competed Travis at a local agility trial. He was perfect. He placed first in both classes and 66 speed points. It was so funny because my friend, Anne Jones, and her ridgeback, Kira, earned first place in both classes the prior day. Kira does not normally earn such high placements, but is in need of more speed points. When you place first, you get double points, so those 2 first places were a great boost. Anne was so happy we were not there on Saturday to take them away :-). Can you believe agility folks are scared of a greyhound? :-) I love it!