Saturday, October 27, 2007

Doing Well

Katie is still doing great and we are only on day 17. We were at an agility trial today and everyone was very amazed by her progress. I'm still concerned she might have a torn or sprained groin. Someone today said that twist she does with each step of the left leg looked like a groin injury to him. She does not appear to be in pain except for when I try to make her lie down on her left side. She just won't do it even though she really wants to. At first, I thought it might be the lack of control with her left leg, but it dawned on me the other day that it actually looks painful. Hopefully the physical therapy analysis can help me narrow it down. I feel like she should be exercising to regain all neurological function, but I'm afraid the groin might need rest. Anyways, with the twist and the slight drag of the toe nails, she is wearing the nails down to the quick and has rubbed a part of a toe pad raw. My creative wrapping ideas have helped, but not worked 100%, so today we bought a booty and 3 extras that I didn't need :-). I'm hoping a booty will protect from rubbing, but let the toes spread out............. and she even came into PetsMart with me on the slippery floors. She is fine on slippery floors as long as she doesn't do anything too athletic. So all in all, I just can't believe how paralyzed the left leg was 17 days ago and how good it looks today.