Sunday, August 26, 2007

Do Greyhounds shed?

YES!!!! Greyhounds do shed! I found this critter in my dog room
yesterday. Now you must be thinking I must never sweep the dog room if I have a hairball the size of an Italian Greyhound floating around, but the truth is I do sweep rather frequently. I may have slacked for a week and I was extra thorough in my sweeping yesterday, but its still a lot of hair.

This is the dirty work of 5 greyhounds. See, Travis and Katie have a stepdog brother, Stacker, and two sisters, Julie and Allie. My husband, Stephen, and I met in the local greyhound adoption club. We actually started out married with 6 greyhounds until Teresa passed away last November.

Back row - Travis, Stacker, and Katie.
Front row - Allie and Julie.


Jodi said...

you should get a Roomba (robot vacuum). It is the best thing ever!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the tip! I will have to look into that.

Penny said...

I've named our fur balls...Fifi lives under the kitchen table and Fluffy lives under the microwave cart. I rehome them often but they always come back!

Jennifer said...

Dang those critters you just can't get rid of, Penny :-).