Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Well, Katie turned 9 yesterday. The time sure has flown much too fast for me. Just such a great dog and I really hope that I will find another similar to her. Although Travis is the "slightly" better agility dog (he is faster, more physically suited, and sounder than Katie) I really love doing obedience with Katie. She's so methodical and is very good about working the details with me. Most of all, she seems to love it. Utility, especially, is so hard..... much harder than agility. I would really like for my next greyhound to be good for agility and obedience like Katie has been.

Except for the charcoal face fading to white and a tiny, ugly, pink skin tag on her belly :-P, she really does not look or seem to feel like a 9 year old. I definitely think the raw food and lots of exercise keeps them young. All of my guys (even Jes and Teresa), have aged really well. None of them has gone through a period of being "old". I will feel much better when Katie and I get our last UD leg. After that, everything will just be extra. Wish us luck. We have 4 days of showing in utility outdoors (Katie's preference) in the next 2 weeks.