Friday, May 4, 2007


As Katie and Travis close in on their 9th birthdays (Travis in a month and Katie in 2 weeks), I'm totally amazed by their youthfulness. They are so healthy and in great physical shape. Travis, especially, doesn't look the slightest bit over 2 years of age. His face isn't even grey. He literally has not changed a bit. He is as active as ever.

Katie had more charcoal coloring on her face that has turned more white, but other than that, she too does not look more than a few years old. Even as it gets hotter, Katie works so hard at the utility exercises. Most people can't believe the bounce she still has in her step while doing something that most sighthounds and people think is boring (obedience in general), but its even more incredable when she's working on a hot day.

Its truly a pleasure to share my life with these two hounds. While they both are very different, they both have the qualities I seek: confidence, motivation, and drive. They are perfect. Although they look a little meek and mousy in this picture. They are wondering why I am posing them with a backpack.