Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dock Jumping in Augusta

This weekend, Stephen and I took the dogs to Augusta, GA for a Dock Jumping competition. There was a big fishing tournament going on and dock dogs was a fun side show sort of thing. Our main goal was for Travis to finish his Junior Jumper title. He needed 2 more qualifying jumps and he actually gave us 5. His dock jumping isn't much to write home about. He only jumps around 13 feet where as some of the other dogs are jumping 20 or more feet. The world record is held by a 7/8ths greyhound & 1/8th coonhound mix - 28 feet, 10 inches. Absolutely, amazing. He is very greyhound like, but I do not know his story. The officials at this event said that Travis was the only purebred greyhound they had seen. So as always, its fun to show off the greyhound who likes to do it all. Travis really had a fun time. We did not practice at all last year and he was only able to swim a little last weekend. But he took right to it again. He couldn't wait to climb to the top of the dock for his turn.

We also camped close to this venue. Beautiful site right on the lake. We had a very nice flat spot for setting up the tent and for parking.