Wednesday, April 1, 1998

The Problems with Toes

Jes ended up dislocating a toe on the worse possible day. It was my first experience with a migraine and they just so happen make me also feel very sick to my stomach. I had no business being at a field trial. Well, poor Jes dislocated a toe.... outside of front left. For some reason, Steve and Melissa had given me a ride even though I only lived 10 minutes from Old Mill Farm at the time. Steve gave me a ride home and I puked... luckily not in his car. When I got home, I really wanted Jes to be x-rayed right then, so I called Bartow Animal Hospital. It was closed, but Dr. Tripp met me anyway. He really wanted me to go to the ER vet, but I told him there was no way I could physically make it. He confirmed that it was dislocated and basically put a piece of tape around it and said to leave it for 10 days. I consulted The Care of The Racing GH when I got home and promptly took off his tape and redid the wrapping. We followed the conservative protocol. When it was time to try her again, she promptly did it again :-(. This time I had the toe removed. I wish I'd known about Dr. Gillette and Auburn the first time, but oh well. The toe came off and she went through the recuperation and I got her back in shape in time for the Regional at Old Mill Farm. After the toe problems started, she never ran well again. I believe the Regional was her last trial.