Monday, February 19, 2007

Heart Dog

Everyone talks about having that one special dog, the heart dog. Katie is my heart dog. From day one she has been everything I have ever wanted her to be and more. As she approaches age 9, I start missing her already.

Katie is independent, confident, sassy, and has even grown a little sweeeter. The joke is that the only time she is sweet to Stephen or I in the house is when she needs to go outside. With strangers, she actually can be quite aloof which is often mistaken for shyness, but she simply doesn't have a use for most people or dogs and therefore doesn't take the time to introduce herself especially when she's working. Katie is such a workaholic. They always say that you shouldn't do too many repetitions with a hound, but she is happy to do drills if there's something in it for her.

Katie is the queen of the backyard. Although we encourage her to walk into the yard, she often bolts out the door at top speed just in case she happens to surprise something to catch in the yard. She works the fencelines and communicates a little with the neighborhood dogs with her white tipped tail high in the hair and flagging in all directions. She also is the fun police. She often encourages everyone to play with her spinning, but then she likes to stop them from playing. She'll give the others an earful and a paw (or 2) on the back if you need a scolding.

I love how Katie leads the way into new places. She's always so excited to see where we are and to find out what we are doing here.

Katie does not like my singing/howling and nips at me when she's ready for me to shut up. Its one of those inappropriate games you probably shouldn't play with your dog, but I love it. The look on her face when I start up is priceless to me :-).