Sunday, October 29, 2006

First UD Leg!!!

Wow, nothing feels better than a UD leg. I'm guessing that the 3rd one feels even better, but right now I just don't care. Finally on our 14th attempt, she finally qualified in Utility A. She was sloppy and only got a 177, but I don't care. She left out a lot of sits and finishes mostly. I remember that when we got to the 2nd go out..... I begged her please, please, please give me one more... and she did. When she came back over that jump, I looked up at the judge and asked if we qualified and she said "yes". Yeah!!!!!!!!! Just couldn't believe it. We were at Jim Miller Park which most people don't like, but I like the outdoor setting and dirt floor and obviously she does too. She actually had not been doing very well and I thought about skipping the show. But then I thought that the setting is so different... give it a try. We stopped around the corner ahead of time and practiced a few go outs beforehand... I guess it helped!