Sunday, September 21, 2003

CDX #1 Learned the Hard Way

Katie made her first attempt in Open A today and earned a 189.5 at the Atlanta Expo center. She was awesome, but her handler made a big error that cost us 5 points and first place. Just like in agility, I took her leash off before entering the ring and left the ring without leashing her up.... Whoops! The judge pulled me aside and told me what happened. She said that anyone watching this greyhound today is going to wonder why you got only a 189.5 and that she wanted me to make sure and tell them about my error because she didn't want other people thinking she was a mean judge.

The other competitors were very complimentary and noticed that Katie worked very hard and very well. We were asked who we trained with which I replied no one since we clicker train. Her second leg was earned with a score of 187.5. It is wonderful when the clicker-trained greyhound can out perform the working and herding breeds. People are starting to notice that there just might be something to this clicker training.