Sunday, April 11, 2004

Beating the BCs

Travis just got finished with 3 weeks of competition. 3 days in Harriman, TN, 3 days in Chattanooga, TN, and 4 days in Perry, GA and he did great! I’m so pleased with how he is running. He now has 2 double qualifying scores, so just 2 more to qualify for the Nationals. A note worthy run was his Jumpers run in Harriman. It was the best run I’ve ever had with any of my dogs. The course was laid out in such a way that is perfect for us. He ended up getting first place and beating all of the times in both the 24” and 20” classes including the border collies. In Perry, the competition is fairly competitive, but he was able to hold his own and place 3rd or 4th each time he qualified. He again got lots of compliments. Everyone says he just turns on a dime and sometimes doesn’t even take a stride between jumps. I wish I could get more of his runs on video.