Sunday, December 31, 2006

2nd MACH Greyhound!

I'm proud to present the 2nd ever Master Agility Champion Greyhound, MACH Never Expected CDX aka Travis. Travis is a fast boy and easily accumulated 1,489 points, but the first 15 QQs seemed to come rather slowly. At times, I wondered if we would ever make it to 20. Then suddenly this month, he amazingly finished up the last 5 QQs in a row, today being the final QQ needed!

The really fun part about this is that in the beginning I felt that I got "stuck" with Travis. He had a very high prey drive which normally I really like, but his was not limited to non-dogs.... if given the chance he would grab another dog if it did not resemble a greyhound. Hairy, fat, and/or small dogs were fair game. I was not comfortable letting a "typical" greyhound adopter have him. He was just too active, too driven, and just not cut out for regular pet life. Since my other greyhound, Katie, was doing awesome I decided that he would be my good deed. I worked very hard with him hoping to do obedience..... maybe. Eventually, I was able to keep him from going ballistic in the presence of other dogs, but he was still a snake ready to strike and certainly couldn't be trusted off lead. You could never let your guard down. I eventually gave up any hopes that he would ever be able to do agility or obedience. He just was not worth putting other dogs at risk. So I gave up and stopped trying..... and that's when he gave it up too. He literally let go of his prey drive and turned it into something constructive. So much so that I have never had the slightest bit of concern since and he has never given me reason to not trust him again. He has been a complete gentleman around all dogs ever since. So this is a very special accomplishment from what appeared to be an unlikely dog.