Thursday, July 4, 1996

First Coursing Trial

I was just remembering Jessie's first coursing trial. It was funny because I remember seeing everyone's elaborate set ups. Crates and ex-pens covered with reflective tarps. Pop-up tents, vans, tables, chairs, etc. I thought it was a little over the top at the time. Now (8/8/2007) I have a cargo van, tons of crates and ex-pens, numerous reflective tarps, and so on. Dan (boyfriend at the time) had come with me. Jes ran really well and won the Open GH stakes earning 28 points. After her 2nd run, we forfeited best of breed because she was limping. A few moments later when I bothered to remove the vet wrap, I realized that she had just lost a dew claw and was otherwise unhurt. It would have been an interesting Best of Breed run. Marble, a blue male, was having quite a season and was hard to beat. I wonder if Jes could have won it :-).