Saturday, August 27, 2011


Riley's hock fracture appears to be healing well.  We are over the hump and it is downhill from here.  We did have a little scare during one of the splint changes.  Riley pulled her leg and I guess surprised herself when she flexed the hock.  She yelped and leaped to her feet.  Dr. C caught her rear end and kept her from putting any weight on it.  I was really surprised Riley was so reactive.  It was the kind of over reaction we expect from Seven when she steps on a rock (Ha!), but Riley never does that.  As a precaution, we x-rayed it again and I am happy to report it was a waste of time and money.  You could just barely make out the start of healing and everything looked as it should at that point in time.
I am thrilled that we have avoided pressure sores and nastiness between the toes so far.  I was having the splint changed once a week, but now that I am saving money and doing it myself, I have switched to a four day schedule.  
Riley's feet are really interesting.  Her unused pads are rough and in need of a good buffing.  They are quite scratchy and HAIRY!  Obviously, being active keeps the hair between the toes and around the pads worn down, but right now they are long feathery and extend past her pads. 
I recently took Riley to PetSmart to just get out of the house for some different sights and smells.  I think she really enjoyed the outing and seeing the animals.  Riley loves animals!
Of course, she does not love them in a way that is best for the animals.  Riley said hi to a few strangers and we picked out a toy with a lot of squeakers.
"I wanted a cat."

Oh well, we cannot always have what we want, Riley.  But she did enjoy her nose in the wind and her ears flapping in the breeze.