Monday, April 12, 2010


One of the suggestions from the Tufts University behaviorist is to provide Reagan with 20 minutes of aerobic activity twice a day. Without a treadmill, I cannot begin to come close to meeting that recommendation. So twice a week, Reagan is biked for an hour.
I can say that there is a bright side to Reagan's noise phobias. Biking has given Stephen and I an activity to do together on a regular basis. Generally, we go our separate ways after work. He might take his senior greyhounds for a stroll in the woods or he might go for a run. Our paths cross when I head to the gym or out to train the hounds. But biking Reagan has given us a reason to take the same path. And thank goodness because I have no sense of direction and still cannot remember the route we take. I would probably never find my way back to the parking lot.
My bike has a Springer dog attachment that I use when we need to be legal or polite. My biggest pet peeve is when people unleash dogs that are not extremely well trained. Therefore, I always leash my dogs when we pass other park users so as not to interfere with their outing. I highly recommend the Springer. Even when your dog lunges for a squirrel, the spring absorbs the energy and you barely feel it through the bike.
We are very lucky to have an excellent bike trail 20 minutes from our home. There is a 3 or 4 mile loop that most folks stick to. However, we stay on the little used trails which actually provide better footing for Reagan.
First, we circle a field near the parking lot and just let Reagan burn some steam off.

Then we explore off the beaten path and on some old roads that are not used by cars anymore. Stephen will often ride ahead of us so he can let me know if there are people up ahead. I love it when Reagan will travel between us so I can see her, but most of the time she sticks very close and follows behind me.
We also found an abandoned campground. So far, we have never seen another person on the trails that wind through it.
Stephen is always good about picking up trash if he can.
The funny thing is that we often hear the train that Reagan has a phobic reaction to at my favorite hiking spot. We also are starting to hear the boat engines on the lake, but she is fine as long as she is busy and moving. Needless to say, we do not take any breaks.

And my favorite sight... the long, hanging tongue.And kudos to Stephen for loading, unloading, and washing my bike every time! Thank you!