Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reagan Update

Reagan's dislocated toe is healing nicely from surgery to reconnect the collateral ligaments. The vet took the sutures out on Thursday and said it looked great. The toe was tight, but flexible and pain free. The knuckle is enlarged, but in my experience I have not had any problems with a large, "gnarly" knuckle especially in a rear leg...... knock on wood, of course.

Reagan still has to take it easy for another 4 weeks unfortunately, but is now allowed to swim until her spay surgery next Thursday. So swim she did on Friday!
My goal was to swim Reagan until she was close to drowning (just kidding), but I wanted her TIRED. She had been a good sport about resting for 1 week, but getting tempermental the 2nd week.

Reagan swam for a half hour straight with an occasional short break. It definitely did us both some good.