Thursday, March 29, 2018

Ellie - Agility Match

Ellie had been hard at work learning agility.  She really is so funny because she is so calm and comes across kind of lazy, but she works really hard and loves training.  She is really efficient and doesn't waste her energy.  She has been introduced to everything.  Her teeter is full sized and she is learning 2 feet on and 2 feet off contacts.  Right now, I'm making sure she understands the difference between the dogwalk and teeter. 
We work weave poles almost everyday.  She is doing 2X2s and also channels with guides.  She can do 4 weave poles in a line and I just added 2 more offset a bit.  She also does 12 channel weave poles just slightly open.
She is doing sequences of about about 4 or 5 obstacles.  I often will run her on the courses I set up for Maddie, but skip the dogwalk and weave poles. 
At the last agility trial, there was an agility practice match late that evening.  I put her in the Jumpers ring jumping 16 inches and she did great.  I am very happy with how she is coming along.