Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Introducing Ellie!

Introducing Ellie!  I found her at Birmingham Racetrack and brought her home on New Year's Day!  I had been looking at greyhounds coming through Southeastern Greyhound Adoption since summer, but it had been slow going.  I fostered a couple of dogs, but none of them were quite right.  I expanded my search to other groups and found myself and my friend, Lou, at Birmingham Racetrack New Year's weekend.
Birmingham supplies greyhounds to numerous adoption groups so they have up to 80 dogs available at any one time.  They were very accommodating and we had a good experience checking out the dogs. 
Since food motivation is of the utmost importance to me, we only looked at dogs 3 yrs and younger that had finished breakfast.  We quickly narrowed it down to a handful of dogs who were the most interested in treats and lured around after them with drive.  I also brought a wobble board and the hounds that earned a second look were lured across the unsteady, noisy, 3 X 3 foot board.  Those that willing crossed over the board over and over for treats stayed in the running.
The top contenders were loaded into my van and taken to track office building where we walked them across slippery floors, started them with clicker training in a new environment, worked stairs a little, and startled them with noisy bowls.  Ultimately, I came home with Atascocita Vanya
Ellie came home on a Monday and on Thursday she was sleeping in a tent at her first agility trial.  She was a little stressed for the first 12 hours, but then she settled right in as if she had been traveling to agility trials her whole life.  
She really has been such a dream!  She crates great, is quiet, an excellent traveler, easy going, very friendly, gets a long great with other dogs (especially her new sisters), is a hard worker, and, of course, food motivated.  She is very attentive and responsive already.  I believe I will be naming her "Never Give Way".  She is pushy, but in a steady, methodical way.  She is not crazy and hyper.  Just so very solid and balanced.  I am excited to see where we go!