Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Precious - Riley

Riley has been doing great and handling retirement joyfully.  Her hock is completely healed and suffers no continued issues from the bad sprain.  She still bucks, spins, and twirls with her toys and never comes up sore.
I'm so happy Riley retired sound.  There is just so much more she can do than Seven can.
The laryngeal paralysis is definitely progressing and she sounds more and more like a smoker, but for the most part it is not giving her much trouble. We spent a lot of time hiking over the winter since since I think we will have to curb it in the summer to keep her from panting too hard.  I am hoping she will still be able to hike early in the morning periodically.
All in all, Riley is doing great and there is not much to report.


Grace C said...

Glad to see Riley doing well! I found your blog while doing some research online- I'm planning on adopting my first retired racer soon and would love to get them going in agility.

Pip said...

I'm interested in learning more about Riley's diagnosis. I suspect my eight year old girl has the early stages. For the last couple of years she would occasionally let out a single barking cough, but the frequency is increasing and sometimes she will have what sounds like a choking attack at night that can go on for a couple of minutes.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Pip, when Riley pants, her breathing is not clear. You hear a husky, raspy sound. Sometimes Riley has a gagging episode, I'm not sure it has anything to do with the lar par. I think the most telling symptom is just that their panting sounds different. At first it was only when she was panting hard, but now its always when she pants.

Russell Lowery said...

Love Riley!!!!

Pip said...

Thanks - that's helpful regarding the breathing. I've met an older hound who definitely had the condition, and he had the ragged breathing you've described. Em's main symptoms still seem to be the occasional barking cough, which is increasing in frequency, and she's had a few gagging episodes in the middle of the night that have gone on for some minutes and been quite distressing. She's due her annual vet check soon so I'll get her looked over. Hopefully it's nothing much to worry about.