Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MACH2 Seven

Well, Seven had an excellent 4-day agility trial last weekend and earned her second Master Agility Championship. She is only the third greyhound to do so. My Travis was the first and Helen Hamilton's Whisper was the second.

To earn MACH2, your dog has to accumulate 40 Double Qualifiers (running clean in the Standard and Jumpers classes in the same day) and 1,500 points for seconds under standard course time (Seven had 2,552 points).

On Thursday, Seven knocked out Double Q #39 easily making Double Q #40 over the next 3 days appear achievable.  Well, she did it the very next day. Here are those videos.
Here is Seven clearing the last jump.  Look at my friend, Beth, in the background.  Love her! :-)
The bar from the last jump basically becomes your trophy.  All of your friends and supporters sign it.
And how about the ribbon?  This club has the best MACH ribbons! Gorgeous!
Seven qualified in Standard the next day, but got sucked into a wrong course tunnel in Jumpers. But then on Sunday, she earned her first QQ towards MACH3.  Will she be the first MACH3 greyhound?
So 7 clean runs out of 8 attempts. MACH2. Definitely an amazing weekend for us!